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Flamingo Cake Toppers

Flamingo Cake Topper

The gangs all here! The flamingo feathers are flying, and it’s all for the best. Some new ladies have been added to my Cake Topper collection and I’m SO excited for you to see them. These feathered beauties are the perfect size for a cake, pie, stack of cupcakes, or pile of brownies!

Meet Frankie, She’s the funny one, loves pizza and cries during commercials.
Meet Florence, She’s shy, likes bubble gum and wishes she was a rockstar.
Meet Farrah, She’s sassy, likes glitter and wishes she was an emoji.

The best part of these toppers (besides everything) are that the legs are reusable! That means your flamingo can adorn more than one event, or hang out in a house plant and be wiped off and used again.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

XO. Kyla

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