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Pallet Succulent Wall

IMG_9015.1 copyWhen we purchased our new home, we inherited a backyard that is really lacking. Not in space, but in aesthetics. The fence on our side is not in the greatest of shape, based on the previous owners. Since we can’t replace the whole fence I decided to get creative with pallets. We have a tiered fence where the boards run horizontal. This is causing our neighbours massive garden to push through the boards on the bottom half because of the weight. Which means broken and buckled boards, and dirt pouring into our yard.

So I decided to build a pallet wall, with the ability to hang succulents. This will add stability, and some fun to our side.succ1Supplies:

Paint Samples (optional)
Metal Hangers (Ikea)
Mini Buckets
Potting Soil with Rocks

I picked up a bunch of fun coloured buckets from Targets dollar section, and nailed a few holes in the bottom to allow run off of extra water. The succulents, I found at Walmart for about $3.00 a piece. Simply add some soil to each bucket, de-pot your succulents and plant.

succ2Now for the Pallet Wall. Make sure you have a parter to help you lift the pallets as they are deceivingly heavy! For our space we used 5 pallets only having to cut one in half. I kind of liked the quirkiness of one pallet going vertical, and it was way easier for cutting purposes. I hammered some nails along the outside edges, and then nailed each pallet to the next. I had some left over paint samples in a citrus and teal then simply dry brushed it on a few of the boards.

IMG_9011.1 copyAttach your hooks over the boards and hang your succulents. Ta-Da! This project was so affordable, it would have been silly not to do it. As we improve our backyard it would be great to have this area as a backdrop for some seating.

succ3IMG_9019 copyIMG_9033.1 copyHappy Planting! xo. Kyla

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